Weltklasse Zürich Pop-Ups

Coming to an area near you: Weltklasse Zürich Pop-Ups. Presented by: UBS. We are launching a series of Weltklasse Zürich pop-up event this year. The events and activities will happen from 1 to 7 September 2022, and they are for all of you. Participate in our various runs and masterclasses, be there for the talks, workshops, and other activities. Our goal is to let you – sports fans, families, kids – experience Weltklasse Zürich first hand.


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A prelude to the world-renowned athletics meeting Weltklasse Zürich, our new pop-up events introduce people of all ages to the fascination of sport and to the “never stop” mindset of athletes between 1 and 7 September.

Weltklasse Zürich Pop-Ups

16 events and activities over the course of seven days to bring people closer to the international athletics event phenomenon Weltklasse Zürich. 

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