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Weltklasse Zürich at Letzigrund Stadium

Thursday, 5 September 2024

Weltklasse Zürich at Zürich Main Station

Wednesday, 4 September 2024


Let yourself be inspired by the fantastic atmosphere at Weltklasse Zürich and cheer along with the national and international stars.

Weltklasse Zürich Zoo Run

For the third time after 2022 and 2023, the Weltklasse Zürich Zoo Run will take place at Zurich Zoo in spring 2024. A somewhat different running experience for the whole family.

Weltklasse Zürich Extra Mile

Running is exhausting and not much fun? Not true. At least not when doing it for this Weltklasse Zürich project in which school classes are playfully encouraged to run the extra mile.

Kids clinic: Jugend trainiert mit Weltklasse Zürich

Stars turn into coaches and teach kids some athletics basics at Jugend trainiert mit Weltklasse Zürich training sessions.

UBS Kids Cup

Big things could start with participating at the UBS Kids Cup. The lighthouse project of Weltklasse Zürich and Swiss Athletics moves kids all over the country.

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