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Weltklasse Zürich at Letzigrund Stadium

Letzigrund Stadium

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This is Weltklasse Zürich

Never Stop Getting Better

After its first edition in 1926, Weltklasse Zürich quickly became known as the most renowned one-day event in athletics. Today, Weltklasse Zürich inspires athletes, fans, young talents, and people in general with its unique energy – both at Letzigrund Stadium and beyond.

Recap Weltklasse Zürich at Letzigrund stadium

This happened on September 8, 2022 at the Letzigrund stadium

Commitment & Packages

UBS Kids Cup

Kids & Family

Weltklasse Zürich strives to inspire future generations. The UBS Kids Cup, the largest and most important initiative in Swiss youth sport, is a lighthouse project for Weltklasse Zürich and Swiss Athletics. Made possible by UBS, the event series is just one of several projects for kids and families.
Yasmin Giger & Silke Lemmens

Athletes & Coach Development

Weltklasse Zürich invests a high six-figure amount in the sport’s future every year, supporting athletes and coaches, as well as training and organisational structures for them. Some of the athletes we promote are popular stars who have already been able to shine at Letzigrund Stadium – to the delight of their home crowd.


Higher, faster, sustainable. At Weltklasse Zürich, we have taken the long view for many years, pursuing ambitious goals in the area of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Net-zero emissions, expanding projects that will benefit families and society in general, as well as specifically promoting women and coaches are some of the aspects we focus on.

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