Unser Beitrag zum #KidsAthleticsDay

Today, World Athletics celebrates #KidsAthleticsDay to counter worrying global inactivity rates. We are more than happy to contribute to this global goal - with almost 6 000 participants this week at the UBS Kids Cup held at various locations across Switzerland. In the summer of 2022, a total of more than 160 000 participants were recorded.

As a driving force, Weltklasse Zürich has been involved in the area of social sustainability for many years, particularly by developing and supporting young talents. Children are our future. At Weltklasse Zürich, we believe it is important to encourage them to keep pursuing their dreams, whatever they may be, in sports and elsewhere. Through UBS Kids Cup events, the largest exercising platform in Switzerland's youth sports landscape, organized in collaboration with Swiss Athletics and made possible by UBS, and with other initiatives such as the Weltklasse Zürich Extrameile, we inspire children, young adults, and entire families to give their best, overcome obstacles, and get closer to reaching their goals. In addition, we provide families with advice and guidance for a healthy lifestyle, both in sports and other areas.


Together, we can promote more activity and a healthy world. Together, we are Weltklasse.

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