Weltklasse Zürich 2023 to feature 15 high-carat Wanda Diamond League events

Women’s pole vault at Zurich Main Station

Higher, faster, Weltklasse. The heart of national and international athletics will be beating in Zurich both at Letzigrund Stadium and at Zurich Main Station next year: On 30 and 31 August, the world’s best athletes will be stopping by to perform at their best – in 15 high-carat Wanda Diamond League events, for instance. The first of them will be held at the country’s busiest train station. The top performers in the women’s pole vault will once again present their skill and one of the sport’s most spectacular events to fans and passersby on 30 August 2023. And for the first time, they will do so en route to reach the Wanda Diamond League Final and to winning a Diamond Trophy.

At Letzigrund Stadium, the crowd will be enjoying a breathtaking mix of field events (including the men’s pole vault, high jump, long jump, javelin throw, as well as the women’s triple jump) and some of the most prestigious track races. Weltklasse Zürich will stage the women’s 100m and 200m, the 100m hurdles, and the men’s 200m, 1500m, and 400m hurdles as part of the Wanda Diamond League series in 2023.  

Weltklasse Zürich Co-Meeting Director Christoph Joho, who is also the Wanda Diamond League Vice Chairman explains, “In 2020, we adopted a ten-year plan for the further development of international athletics. The plan includes a two-day Wanda Diamond League Final in a city to be determined on a rotating basis. Weltklasse Zürich hosted the first two of these newly designed finals in 2021 and 2022, creating new milestones with regard to innovation and magnetic atmosphere. Eugene and Brussels will be hosting the final in the next two years. In 2025 and 2027, the event will return to its Zurich home base. In addition, Zurich has the option to host two finals between 2028 and 2030.”

The following Wanda Diamond League events will be held as part of the 2023 edition of Weltklasse Zürich:

30 August 2023

Weltklasse Zürich at Zurich Main Station

Women: pole vault

31 August 2023

Weltklasse Zürich at Letzigrund Stadium

Women: 100m, 200m, 800m, 100m hurdles, 3000m SC, and triple jump

Men: 200m, 1500m, 5000m, 400m hurdles, high jump, pole vault, long jump, and javelin throw

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