Just as shot putter Chase Ealey (USA) on Sechseläutenplatz a day earlier, discus thrower Kristjan Čeh (SLO) managed to continue an impressive winning streak. The two world champions were the only athletes to win all 2022 Wanda Diamond League competitions this year. Čeh triumphed at Letzigrund Stadium on Thursday night: His 67.10m kept all other finalists, including Lukas Weißhaidinger, in their place.

The first US-American world championship medallist in the discus ever is also the winner of the final event at Weltklasse Zürich. Valarie Allman’s shot landed at 67.77m in her best attempt, earning her a second Diamond Trophy.



US-American Olympic champion Valarie Allman (27) is known for her lightness in the ring. Her attempts resemble a dance. This may have to do with her long years of dance training, even though today, she is also a product designer and an assistant at the University of Texas. A world championship bronze medallist, Allman won the very first world championship discus medal in a women’s event for the US. One of her strongest opponents will be Sandra Perkovic (32). The Croatian is an experienced star. In Eugene, the two-time Olympic and world champion had claimed silver.

The men’s discus competition will be a duel of generations: Kristjan Čeh, world champion from Slovenia is only 23. He will challenge Sweden’s discus star, Olympic champion Daniel Ståhl (30).


Olympic Champion: Daniel STÅHL (SWE) 68.90
World Champion: Kristjan ČEH (SLO) 71.13
European Champion: Mykolas ALEKNA (LTU) 69.78
World Lead: Daniel STÅHL (SWE) 71.47

Olympic Champion: Valarie ALLMAN (USA) 68.98
World Champion: Feng BIN (CHN) 69.12
European Champion: Sandra PERKOVIC (CRO) 67.95
World Lead: Valarie ALLMAN (USA) 71.46

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